How to Play Aviator and Win? Crash Games Strategy Guide

Aviator Crash Games Strategy Guide

Aviator has taken the online casino world by storm last year - and it’s still the hottest game today. And what’s not to love about it? It has simple gameplay, it doesn’t distract you with flashy graphics. It’s play and win, plain and simple. If you plan on giving Aviator or other crash games a try or you want to improve your game, this guide will help you with tips and strategies.

The Basics of Crash Games

Crash games are among the simplest games you can find at an online casino. This is true for their rules and their looks - many of them are simple, minimalistic games with very few visual elements. Spribe's Aviator game, for example, has little more than the plane itself that’s animated. JetX has a few more visual elements but not many.

The components of crash games are:

  • Something that goes up like a plane, a fighter jet, a rocket or a blimp
  • A multiplier
  • One or two (usually two) betting windows
  • The game history that shows the result of recent rounds
  • The active bets 
  • Live chat (depends on the game)

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Aviator Gameplay

To keep things simple, we’ll focus on Aviator in this guide. There are many other crash games that you can play but the same applies to those, too - if there’s a difference, we’ll make sure to let you know.

Playing Aviator is simple: you bet, you wait, you cash out before the plane flies away. This “cash out before you crash out” gameplay is refreshingly different from online slot machines. It makes for an exciting and fun experience - and possibly a lucrative one as well.

To play Aviator, you have to:

  • Set your bet amount per round in one or both of the betting windows
  • Press “Bet” before the beginning of the round
  • When the plane starts to soar, you can cash out at any point.
  • If the plane flies away before you cash out, you lose.
Crash games betting windows

Aviator Game Autoplay

One of the best features of crash games in general is the possibility to set up autoplay. This allows you not only to bet on each round of the game but also to cash out at a multiplier you select. Here’s how to set it up:

  • On the top of the betting window select “Auto”
  • Set your bet amount per round
  • Set your Auto Cash Out limit
  • Press “Bet” and wait for the round to begin.
Waiting to cash out in Aviator and other crash games

Crash Games: Aviator Game Strategy Guide

Playing the Aviator game - and other crash games - is simple. Playing the Aviator game right is another matter. Let us share a few tips on how to do just that.

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Aim for Low Multipliers

If you take a look at the game’s history at any time, you’ll see that the plane flies away much more frequently at low multipliers. A good Aviator strategy would be for you to aim for these - go for small but more frequent wins.

You can, of course, wait for “the big one” but this only happens a few times. But smaller wins with multipliers under 2 happen all the time. 

Set Up Autoplay

You don’t have to play every round manually - this is what Autoplay is for. Once you find a bet that you feel comfortable with and a multiplier that you consider realistic, you can set up Autoplay using these. For example, you can bet R10 per round with a multiplier of 1.50. 

From then on, all you’ll need to do is sit back and follow the events on the screen.

You can even set up two Autoplay windows:

  • One of them with a higher bet and a low multiplier with small but consistent wins
  • One of them with a low bet and a higher multiplier so when the plane flies high, the big multiplier doesn’t go to waste

Be Mindful Of Your Budget!

Responsible gaming is the most important part of your gambling strategy! Here are the basic rules for playing Aviator responsibly that you need to keep in mind:

  • Always gamble within your means! Never play with money you can’t afford to lose. Remember: when playing gambling games, losing is always a possibility!
  • Set a daily budget. Set aside an amount you can afford to play with each day - that will be your gambling budget. Never go above your budget, no matter how “hot” the game seems to you. It’s better to walk away from a winning streak than to lose all your money in an instant!
  • Be disciplined! When you reach your limit for the day, stop playing.
  • Never chase your losses! Don’t try to play more to win back what you lost - it is unlikely that you’ll be able to.

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Aviator may be the most popular crash game today but it’s by far not the only one. There are several variants you can choose from at South African online casinos:

GameGame providerMinimum betMaximum bet
AviatorSpribeR2R1,800Play at Tusk Casino!
JetXSmartsoft GamingR0.1R100
SpacemanPragmatic PlayR1R100
SkywardBetGamesR0.1R100Play at YesPlay Casino
Shooting StarHollywoodbets

Aviator was the crash game that took the world by storm. While it was not the first - MoneyPot, BustaBit, and Crash all predate it by a few years - it was the first to make waves at traditional online casinos. Aviator hit the casinos in 2019 and started to spread - but it wasn’t immediately successful. Instead, it was kind of a sleeper hit. It took off, so to speak, in late 2023, beating slot machines and other games to become the most successful game of the year. And its popularity doesn’t seem to slow down.

Like the Aviator Game? Check Out These Alternatives!

As you might expect, other game providers have jumped on the crash gaming bandwagon. At first, smaller studios like Smartsoft released their own versions, but now even big names have jumped on the bandwagon:

  • Pragmatic Play released both Spaceman and Big Bass Crash in 2023
  • BGaming released SpaceXY which is one of the prettier ones
  • Digitain has Limbo and Rocketon
  • 1Win has several exclusive crash games, like Rocket X and Lucky Jet
  • BetGames has the latest crash game, Skyward
  • Hollywoodbets has its own exclusive crash game called Shooting Star

Crash games are a true online casino success story. They snuck into online casinos a few years ago and stayed there, silently waiting their turn. And last year, BAM - they blasted into the spotlight, beating every other online casino game in the process. What we love about them is that they are simple, they keep us occupied, and if we’re not greedy, we can win money playing them. As long as we play them responsibly, of course.

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