Space XY


Space XY has rocketed into the online casino universe, bringing an exciting new twist to crash games. Experience its demo right here and see why it continues to capture the attention of players around the globe.

Where to Play Space XY for Real Money

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Overview and Theme

  • Developer: BGaming
  • Type: Crash Game
  • Format: N/A
  • Theme: Space Exploration
  • Special features: N/A
  • Jackpot: N/A

This is a crash game set in the vastness of space. Its primary graphical element is a spacecraft that ascends into the cosmos, carrying the game's multiplier with it.

Bonus Games and Special Features

The game is designed with simplicity in mind, with no bonus games or special features. Its straightforward gameplay ensures an uncomplicated, immersive experience.

Maximum Payout, RTP, and Volatility

Traditional metrics such as volatility and RTP are less applicable to crash games, as they differ significantly from typical slot machines. Players control when to cash out, which makes the game dynamic and player-focused.

The game operates with a house edge of about 3%, meaning that for every R100 wagered, approximately R3 stays with the casino. This places the game on par with European roulette in terms of player fairness.

How to Play Space XY

Space XY crash game

Like all games of its kind, this one also has simple rules:

  1. Place your bet.
  2. The spacecraft takes off.
  3. Cash out any time before the spacecraft disappears.
  4. If the spacecraft disappears with your bet still active, the bet is lost.
  5. The game resets and a new round starts shortly.

Tips and Strategies

As the game results are random, focusing on strategy over prediction is key:

  • Manage your bankroll effectively.
  • Utilize the Auto Play function for consistency.
  • For more strategies, refer to our detailed Space XY strategy guide.

Space XY on Mobile

Fully compatible with mobile devices, the game may feel a bit crowded on smaller screens but performs excellently on the go.

Space XY FAQ

  • What is Space XY?

    Space XY is a social multiplayer crash game with a space exploration theme. Players bet on how high the spacecraft will ascend before it vanishes. The potential winnings increase with the spacecraft's altitude, but there's a risk of losing the bet if not cashed out in time.

  • How does Space XY work?

    In Space XY, players place a bet and watch the multiplier increase as the spacecraft ascends. The goal is to cash out before the spacecraft vanishes. If you cash out, your initial stake is multiplied by the multiplier at which you cashed out. If the spacecraft vanishes before you cash out, your bet is lost.

  • How to play Space XY and win?

    Winning in Space XY is not guaranteed, but risk management can increase your chances. Setting automatic cash-outs at lower multipliers, like 1.5x or 2x, may offer smaller but more frequent wins. Betting lower amounts can also allow for more extended play and opportunity to adapt strategies as you learn the game's rhythm.

  • How to master Space XY?

    Mastering Space XY involves learning to balance risk and potential reward. Observing game patterns can offer insights, but each round is independent, and outcomes are random. It’s crucial to play within your means and establish firm win/loss limits to maintain control over your gameplay.

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