Big Bass Crash


Big Bass Crash brings a breath of fresh air into the world of crash games. It's not your average game where something flies and then crashes or flies away or explodes. Instead, this game brings the charm of the Big Bass games with it into a brand-new format: a fishing boat and our friend, the bearded fisherman out for the big catch. Let's see what Pragmatic Play's take on the crash game genre brings to the table.

Overview and Theme

  • Developer: Pragmatic Play / Reel Kingdom
  • Type: Crash Game
  • Format: N/A
  • Theme: Fishing
  • Special features: N/A
  • Jackpot: N/A

The fisherman from Big Bass Bonanza has upgraded his gear! Instead of rubber boots and a fishing rod, now he uses a fishing boat and a net, going for the big catch! That is until his net breaks. Your job is to cash out before the fish overwhelm the net. Place your bet and keep an eye on the catch of the day!

Big Bass Crash gameplay

Bonus Games and Special Features

Big Bass Crash doesn't have any side games, bonus games, free spins or other features. From this point of view, it is just like all other crash games: simple and to the point.

Big Bass Crash House Edge

Crash games, in general, have a theoretical house edge similar to European roulette, around 3%. But you can easily bend the odds in your favour, and win more often than the average.

How to Play Big Bass Crash?

Playing the game is easy - it's played pretty much like any other crash game:

  • Confirm your bet
  • Wait for the fisherman to cast his net
  • Keep an eye on the net and cash out before it breaks!
  • When the net is broken, all the bets are lost.
  • Confirm your bet for the next round and wait for the fishing trip to begin!

Big Bass Crash on Mobile

The game is fully smartphone-ready. But, like all crash games, playing it on the go is not ideal. If you do, we recommend that you play it in full screen portrait mode - and make sure you keep an eye on where you're going!

Big Bass Crash FAQ

  • What is Big Bass Crash?

    Big Bass Crash is a fishing-themed crash game from Pragmatic Play, based on their successful slot machine series.

  • How does Big Bass Crash work?

    The game works a lot like all other crash games. You place your bet and keep an eye on the counter to cash out in time. In this case, nothing crashes or explodes - instead, the fisherman's net breaks, letting all the fish loose.

  • How to Play Big Bass Crash and Win?

    To win at crash games, in general, you must avoid being greedy. Stick to low multipliers and don't take any unnecessary risks.

  • How to Master Big Bass Crash?

    Practice playing crash games for free to get the hang of them - and try out various strategies with no risk to your moola. When you feel sure of your game, dive into them for real money at our partner casinos.

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