The Aviator game has taken the world of online casinos by storm - and now you can try its demo right here! The most successful crash game as of late, it keeps soaring day after day. 

Overview and Theme

  • Developer: Spribe
  • Type: Crash Game
  • Format: N/A
  • Theme: Flight
  • Special features: N/A
  • Jackpot: N/A

Aviator is a crash game with a minimalistic interface. Its only graphical element is the plane that takes off, dragging the multiplier with it. 

Bonus Games and Special Features

The game doesn’t have any bonus features or special side games. It’s simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated. 

Maximum Payout, RTP, and Volatility

Aviator game

In crash games, traditional metrics like volatility, variability, and RTP are irrelevant. It is a completely different type of game from slot machines. It surrenders all control over when to cash out to the players. 

The game has a house edge of around 3%. This means that for every R100 you play on it, on average 3%, or R3, remains with the casino. This puts Aviator on the same level as single-zero (European) roulette and Casino War. 

How to Play Aviator

The Aviator game has a very simple set of rules:

  • You place a bet
  • The plane takes off
  • You can cash out at any time before the plane flies away
  • When the plane flies away, all the still active bets are lost
  • The game resets and the next round begins in a few seconds

Aviator Tips

Nothing you do will influence the result of any round or help you predict their outcome. Instead of hoping to do so, follow these tips to improve your chances of winning:

  • Manage your bankroll
  • Use Auto Play
  • Read our strategy guide for more tips and strategies.

Aviator Game on Mobile

Aviator is fully mobile-compatible. It can feel a bit crowded but it works great on the go. 

Aviator Game FAQ

  • What is the Aviator game?

    The Aviator game is a social multiplayer game that blends simple mechanics with engaging, fast-paced action. Players bet on how high the aviator will fly before it randomly flies away. The longer the aviator is in flight, the higher the potential winnings, but there's always a risk of the aviator flying off and the bet being lost if not cashed out in time.

  • How does the Aviator game work?

    In Aviator, you place a bet and watch as a multiplier increases from 1x upwards as the aviator flies. The objective is to cash out before the aviator flies away. The multiplier at which you cash out will be the multiplier applied to your initial stake. However, if the aviator flies away before you cash out, you lose your bet.

  • How to play Aviator and win?

    While winning consistently in Aviator is not guaranteed due to its random nature, there are strategies to manage risk. Setting automatic cash-out at a lower multiplier like 1.5x or 2x can help secure smaller, more consistent wins. Alternatively, betting smaller amounts allows you to stay in the game longer and adjust your strategy based on the outcomes you observe.

  • How to master the Aviator game?

    Mastering Aviator involves understanding risk management and having the discipline to stick to a betting strategy. Observing the game’s patterns might help in making better decisions, but remember, each flight is independent and outcomes are completely random. Playing within your budget and setting clear limits for winning and losing are crucial.
    Alternatively, you can practice with the free Aviator demo game you can find on this page.

  • How to claim rain on the Aviator game?

    In some versions of the Aviator game, "rain" refers to a bonus that can be claimed by players during gameplay. This bonus is randomly distributed and can appear in the chat box or in-game notifications. Players need to click on the claim button when they see the rain notification to add the bonus to their balance.

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