Real Money Casino Games - Best Games in South Africa 2024

There is a huge variety of casino games you can play at South Africa's online casinos. All of them are easy to learn - and some of them are hard to master. Our online casino game guides will help you in your quest to be good at all of them, and choose the one that you'll have the most fun playing!

What Casino Games Are the Best?

They say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". In our case, this means that the best casino game depends on you - the player. We all have different tastes in casino games. Most of us enjoy slot machines, while others love card games, table games, crash games like Aviator or sports betting. There are more than enough games we can choose from.

Slot Machines

Online slots are the undisputed champions of online casinos. They are the most popular of all casino games, and they are the most diverse and versatile games of chance. Slot machines have been around for almost 130 years. The first true slot machine called the Liberty Bell, was invented in 1895 by an ingenious mechanic in San Francisco, California, USA.

Today, there are thousands upon thousands of slot machines available at online casinos, covering every theme, every format, and every game mechanic you can think of. They come with goodies like bonus games, side games, free spins, and the most sought-after prize, progressive jackpots!

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Table Games and Card Games

Before the advent of slot machines, casinos only had tables with card games and various table games available. These games are all available in online casinos, too - and there are quite a few new ones that have been invented more recently.


Roulette is the most iconic casino game. It is well-known even for those who don't play at casinos because of its pop culture fame. If you are a gambler, keep roulette in mind: it has quite a few safe bets you can win often, and many exciting ones that can give you the thrill you seek.

Roulette wheel

Roulette is available both in random number generator (RNG) and live dealer variants. There are two main versions of the game - the American and European roulette - plus a few versions with bonuses and side bets.


By far the most popular card game at casinos, blackjack is played in casinos all over the world. It's a fast-paced and intriguing game that has a very simple goal: beat the dealer's hand without going over a total of 21 points. It's a game with a low house edge that gives you a good chance of winning - especially if you use the basic strategy.

Roulette is available both in random number generator (RNG) and live dealer variants.


Baccarat is the slot machine of card games. It's a fast-paced, intriguing game where the rules are simple, and the player doesn't have to do anything - the entire action is in the hands of the dealer. Baccarat has been around for centuries. It is especially popular in real-life casinos - high-rollers love it - but it is widely played in online casinos, too.

Baccarat table hand deal

Baccarat is a quick and easy game in an RNG variant but it's especially fun to play against a live casino dealer.

Crash Games

It all started with MoneyPot, then it continued with BustaBit and Crash, games that are still widely played at Bitcoin casinos. Then came Aviator, a game with a similar concept - a minimalist look and feel, straightforward rules, and simple gameplay - that took the online gambling world by storm. Today, crash games are among the most popular casino games today.

Today's most popular crash games include Aviator along with titles like JetX, Zeppelin, Spaceman, or even Big Bass Crash, Pragmatic Play and Reel Kingdom's take on the genre.

Live dealer casino games and game shows

Live dealer casino games are a lot like their RNG counterparts - only better. They bring back the personal touch to online casinos that "traditional" online games sorely need. Plus, they come with exciting new formats, real-life action, and all the fun you may need!

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We don't just recommend casino games - we also show you how to play them right! Our game guides, written by our experts, will give you hints on how to improve your chances of winning.

What you'll learn:

  • Which online slot machines give you the best chance of winning?
  • How to play online roulette and win often?
  • Which blackjack variants give you the best odds of winning?
  • How to play crash games like Aviator or JetX the right way?
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Things You Need To Know About Casino Games

All casino games can be fun to play. But if you want to win, you need to choose them wisely. That's because your chances of winning change from one game type to another. Here are a few things that will tell you which games can be more profitable in the long run.

The House Edge of Casino Games

Casino games are incredibly diverse but they have one major thing in common: the house advantage, also known as the house edge. This, in short, refers to the profit margin of the casino. Different game types operate with different percentages of house edge:

Return to Player (RTP)

Usually used in relation to slot machines, Return to Player (RTP) shows how much a game has paid out over its lifetime. Or, in the case of brand new games, the theoretical metric of how much it can pay out in a large number of spins - typically in the millions. The average RTP across slot machines in the online casino industry is around 95%. This means that most games pay out 95% of all the money that's spent on them - but keep in mind that this includes especially big wins, too. So, on average, most people lose money while playing them.


Volatility shows how much and how big amounts you can expect to win on a slot machine in the short term. It is often described as "high", "low", and anything in between. Here is what each of them means:


Variance is similar to volatility, with one major difference: it refers to payouts in the long term. The levels of "low", "medium", and "high" have the same meaning as in the case of volatility, except they refer to long-term chances of winning and risk for the player.

Payouts vs Risks

The higher the payout of a bet on a casino game, the less likely it is that you'll win it. Or, to put it into terms that are more pleasant for us gamblers: the higher the risk, the higher the payout. Based on the amount you can win if you are successful, you can pinpoint which games are more likely to actually pay:

Choose the Right Casino Games For You

Depending on your tastes and risk tolerance, here are what games you should play at online casinos: