Loyalty and VIP Programs at South African Casinos

Bonuses, free spins, and cashbacks are not the only things casinos do for you. Playing at a casino for a long time will get you loyalty rewards - and maybe even a VIP status. Let’s take a look at what loyalty programs and VIP programs are, and which casinos offer them to South African players.

What Are Loyalty and VIP Programs at Online Casinos?

Like all other businesses, South African online casinos like to reward their long-term customers. On their side, this improves customer retention - for you, this means extra rewards on top of the many casino bonuses and fun games you get. 

In a nutshell, casino loyalty programs give some of the money you spend back to you. These schemes are a bit similar to cashbacks, except they reward your long-term commitment. Imagine cashbacks as a discount you get when you buy two bottles of cooking oil - and loyalty programs as the points you collect on a store card that you can trade in for various benefits later.

VIP programs take these benefits to the next level. These are reserved for the top players at each South African online casino - the high rollers that deserve only the best. As such, these programs are usually invitation-only and come with the perks to match.

Loyalty and VIP programs

How Do Loyalty Programs Work

In most casinos, you are enrolled in the loyalty program from the moment you register your account. You start collecting loyalty points or comp points (complimentary points) when you start playing the first game for real money. You generate loyalty points for every rand you play at a rate that depends on the individual casino:

The rewards you can get in exchange for your loyalty points also differ from one casino to another. In most cases, you’ll get:

Earning Loyalty Points

Earning loyalty points is easy: all you need to do is deposit moola into your casino account and then play with it. The loyalty points will start showing up in your account immediately. At some South African casinos, you can earn more points by playing specific games:


Loyalty programs often have tiers based on the number of loyalty points you generate in a calendar month. Depending on the tier you reach, you get various benefits:

These programs don’t work the same at all casinos, though. To be informed of all the terms, conditions, and benefits, check out the casino’s terms or FAQ.

Spending Loyalty Points

Thunderbolt Casino redeem comp points

You can check how many loyalty points you have collected in your account. Usually, you’ll find them in a section called “Loyalty Points” or “Comp Points” in your account. To spend your loyalty points, you’ll first have to collect enough of them to redeem your rewards. How many points this means depends on the individual casino.

VIP Programs at South African Casinos

Reaching a VIP status at a South African online casino requires a lot of deposits and consistent play. It is a status similar to “high rollers” in land-based casinos, reserved for players who spend especially large amounts. Land-based casinos reward these players with gifts like free drinks and special treatment. At online casinos, the benefits are less tangible but equally rewarding:

In most cases, becoming a VIP is not something you achieve by grinding day after day. The VIP schemes at most casinos are invitation only - the casino decides, based on your spending habits, if you are worthy of a VIP treatment. 

Loyalty and VIP Programs FAQ

  • What is a casino rewards / VIP / loyalty program at casinos?

    A loyalty/rewards program at online casinos is a way for them to reward you for your continued play. A VIP program is reserved for high rollers, with extra benefits, that’s usually invitation-only.

  • What casinos have loyalty points in South Africa?

    There are several South African casinos with loyalty points, including Springbok, Tusk Casino, ZAR Casino, and others.

  • How do casino loyalty points work?

    In a nutshell, casinos reward you with loyalty points for every cent you spend playing. When you gather enough points, you can exchange them for various rewards, from cash bonuses to free spins and maybe even smartphones or holidays.

  • How much money can I get from casino loyalty programs?

    The going rate is usually R1 for 100 loyalty points.

  • Do casino rewards expire?

    Most of them do. Check the casino Terms for details.