EFT Payments in South African Casinos

EFT, or electronic fund transfer, is the most convenient payment method for South Africans with a bank account. It is an electronic payment method that allows the seamless settlement of debit and credit (outgoing and incoming payments) between bank accounts. South African banks widely support direct transfers directly from their smartphone apps. In this article, we’ll take a look at what EFTs are and how you can use them in South African online casinos.

South African Casinos Accepting EFT


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What is an EFT?

An EFT is a money transfer between two bank accounts. It allows you to transfer money from your bank account into the vendor’s (or casino’s) account in a most convenient way. It’s a straightforward transfer method especially because it is completely automated - it doesn’t involve bank staff, it is settled electronically.

Instant EFTs are payment methods offered by third parties - not the banks themselves. These are faster than normal EFT payments, as they provide confirmation immediately. This means that your instant EFT transfer will show up instantly in your casino account. 

How Do EFTs Work?

How do EFT s work?

EFT payments are usually processed on the next business day, in batches. Most banks have a cutoff time for processing transactions in the shortest term - check your bank’s website for more information.

How To Use EFT at Online Casinos?

Why Use an EFT in South African Casinos?

EFTs provide a convenient and accessible way to pay at South African casinos. They are widely available at licensed and offshore operators, too, making them a widely available option for anyone. 

The Downside of Using EFTs South African Casinos

Money transfers are not free. While you won’t be charged a monthly fee or a subscription, you’ll have to support the fee that applies to each individual transfer. Another downside of EFTs is the time it takes for them to be processed. Typically, it takes banks 1-3 business days to process the transfer to your account. 


  • Can I deposit using EFTs in my online casino account?

    Yes, the vast majority of South African online casinos support EFT deposits and withdrawals.

  • Can I withdraw using an EFT from my casino account?

    In many cases, you can, but not all casinos support EFT withdrawals. Check your operator’s website to find out which payment methods they support.

  • What are EFT fees in South Africa?

    You’ll be charged around 1% of your transfer as transaction fees. Some casinos may perceive extra fees - be sure to check the casino’s Terms for details.

  • Are EFTs safe?

    Yes, they are. EFTs are safe and secure money transfer methods.